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Accessibility Assessment in a single Workflow Manager

Published 11/18-2015

A trail certified by IRRC to be accessible

GORGES announces the release of a web application dedicated to making outdoor recreational sites accessible to all the pubic for its Client, Inclusive Recreation Resource Center at SUNY Cortland.

It addresses the pubic’s question, “Where are there accessible sites?” and it addresses the Client’s question, “Are these sites indeed accessible?” To address the two questions there are really three parts to the application. They are fully integrated for efficiency and economy.

First, there is the public web application with the accessibility content organized by type and geography. Certified sites are presented on maps and in returns from filtered searches.

Second, to vouch for the accessibility of the listed sites there is a cadre of volunteer site assessors. They use the GORGES-produced assessment tools outdoors at the sites. The tool guides volunteers through a set of assessment activities and records the response. These guides and data forms are organized in a Responsive Design website that enables field and remote work on mobie devices.

And third, to support the volunteer group the Client asked GORGES for an online Learning Management System (LMS). The product is a dedicated version of the GORGES Ruby-based LMS.

In a Workflow Management sense:
A Volunteer becomes certified to make assessment using the LMS
The Volunteers then certifies sites within his or her region
Certified site are listed in the public web application.

A mobile app version is now in progress to enable data access and data storage even when cell and wifi are not available.


Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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