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Belle Sherman Robotics Club

Published 03/26-2013

This academic year I agreed to teach a robotics class at a local elementary school.  This was part of an after-school enrichment series sponsored by the local PTA, and I was able to set the curriculum and target age group (grades 2-4).  Two of my three sons are in this age group, so my decision was unabashedly self-serving.

The class quickly became oversubscribed, and we opened up more student slots thanks to parents who agreed to help with the classes and supervision.  I organized the classes so we would build robotics projects in preparation for the Cornell Nanotech sponsored FIRST LEGO League Expo, which was held January 26th, 2013 at Cornell's Duffield Hall.

We spent the our first five classes learning the basics of gears, pulleys, motors, and sensors.  We introduced the LEGO WeDo Software program for controlling motors and integrating sensors to the students.  The remainder of the classes were spent applying what we learned to building three different projects for presentation at the Expo event.  There were 22 teams at the Expo, and each of our three teams did terrific!

I loved working with the students and seeing the creative structures that the students built.  I hope to teach this course again next year - and thank you to GORGES for accommodating my volunteering endeavor.


Matthew Clark Chief Technical Officer
Matthew Clark

Chief Technical Officer

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