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Big Data Workshops

Published 01/01-2014

Big Data workshop

John Sammis and Don Ellis, of GORGES, Inc., presented a three-hour workshop about Big Data on December 12, 2013. The workshop is one in a series sponsored by Tompkins Trust Company, Ithaca, directed toward guiding small business in a range of critical understandings.

Overcoming a good deal of skepticism about what Big Data could mean for small business at all, John and Don illustrated how Big Data is a technology trend comparable to the general Internet technology trend. In the same way the Internet changed everything, Big Data is destined to change everything.

Big Data’s subparts, such as Business Intelligence, Predictive Forecasting, Data Merging, and more are becoming affordable for mid-size and small businesses.

Insights gained within the Big Data budgets of big business are also very useful to small business. The discovery through data analysis that a potential employee’s similar previous work experience is a poor predictor of likely success in the new position is one of the many eye-openers coming out of Big Data studies.

John and Don will present the workshop again and also a workshop on using affordable Business Intelligence.


Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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