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Child Care Solutions new Drupal-CiviCRM web app

Published 10/15-2014

Child Care Solutions CNY

Child care providers need much support. Their mandates involve feeding, physical care, training, security, and of course, basic nurturing. While doing this they have to 

  • Manage their businesses
  • Comply with child care regulations
  • Take required courses
  • Employ others to help
  • And much more

GORGES client, Child Care Solutions, in Syracuse, New York, has launched a new web app to support service providers across several counties. For the providers:

  • It links to essential services
  • Offers training courses
  • Brings together these scattered hundreds who spend their days caring for our children

Internally at CCS the new web app is the hub for provider needs and more. CCS’s network of care providers and supporters is extensive. GORGES integrated the CiviCRM (constituent relations manager) database system to organize and maintain contact with these thousands of constituents. It includes:

  • Contact lists for providers, health and care authorities, and many other categories
  • Emailing manager
  • Donation and payment methods
  • Course work calendars
  • Course signup and class rosters managers
  • Course completion record keeping

The CCS project involved significant engagement with the Client. Developing navigation through the app for such a varied constituency required much charting and diagramming of the user types and user needs.

A large part of project was the repair and preparation of the legacy contact information for mitigation into the new app. GORGES and CCS staff were able to break the work into manageable parts and to share the processing.

The CCS web app is built in Drupal using the CiviCRM distribution. There are many customizations.


Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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