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Consumer Wearables Tech may Lead the Way for Medical Remote Sensing Tech

Published 02/04-2015

Consumer Wearables

Wearables technology includes fast-evolving consumer products and glacially slow medical products. The one will make the path for the other and medical services will be increasingly commoditized.

Breakthroughs come every month. Last year there was a full Android computer in a watch format and next month there is the long-awaited Apple iWatch® debut. These events are just milestones, the real news is the huge focus of talent and money on the whole range wearables.

Small technology advances can be seen in each new consumer product release. This is the leading edge. The following waves are expected to be a breakthroughs:

1) The acceptance of the watch as part of payment processing systems

2) The copying of wearable-to-cell communications tech to make medical-monitor-to-cell communication tech.

A fine example of this trend, just out last week, is a watch app that starts the TV recorder if the viewer falls asleep. It is medical monitoring for trivial commercial use, but it is a step in medical monitoring

Advances in wearable payment systems and wearable medical monitoring are burdened by the need for private communication. Medical tech breakthroughs will likely come when Internet thinking overcomes the telecommunication thinking that has burdened the sector for several decades.


Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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