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Drupal Page Caching and Case Sensitivity

Published 05/17-2013

 The site is deployed in the typical way on a Linux server with MySQL database. The cache is using the built-in Drupal database cache.

The client has a major page devoted to a line of products whose name is an acronym. Let's say the path to that page is "" whereas the product's acronym is "USA".

Since the product is known as "USA" it's quite plausible for a visitor to type in "" in the browser address bar. Unless you've done something through URL redirects or htaccess rewrites, that URL yields a 404 page.

It On a large, high traffic client site, we rely on Drupal page caching for anonymous users to keep the user experience responsive.would be much nicer if instead of the 404 you redirect to '/usa'. You can do that with URL redirects either through Drupal or in .htaccess. I leave that as an exercise to the reader. That's not what this post is about.


David Furber Application Developer
David Furber

Application Developer

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