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Fitness Frolics

Published 01/26-2012

One peril of software development is that there is too much sitting going on.  The mind and spirit get exercise, but not the bod.  We've experimented with knee stools, yoga balls, and stand-up desks at GORGES with mixed results.  Several of us walk or bicycle to work.

This fall our office manager Vicki has pushed a fitness challenge on the staff.  For those who volunteered (or were conscripted!), we divided up into three teams and are placing checkmarks on a master schedule when we exercise.  GORGES has sponsored trial memberships at the Finger Lakes Fitness Center for their six-week fall challenge.

In previous years we have taken the crew to the Hoffman Challenge Course at the Cornell Team & Leadership Center, and this year's fitness challenge can certainly be labeled team-building.

The fall results aren't in yet, but and unfortunately some of the fitness gains may be erased when we hold our gluttonous end-of-fitness-challenge party.


Matthew Clark Chief Technical Officer
Matthew Clark

Chief Technical Officer

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