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GORGES, Inc. acquires Ithaca startup Push Interactive

Published 02/05-2015

Ithaca, New York; February 5, 2015 - GORGES, an Ithaca custom software developer offering services to industry, retail, and education clients for the last ten years, is pleased to announce its acquisition of the Ithaca startup, Push Interactive. The purchase advances GORGES’s expertise in the genre of mobile, wearable, and nearable technologies. Push Interactive is the dream of several Ithaca College alumni who have developed a market in a novel use of Bluetooth beacons in the apartment rental sector.

The Push Interactive suite displays location-based information using a smartphone app. One current installation senses beacons placed inside apartment buildings. The phone then lists and describes the open units in the building including photos, rent, and availability. Immediate contact information is displayed. The beacon and phone are integrated with a computer network enabling labor-saving updates and tracking from the property manager’s central office.

The acquisition adds to GORGES’s mix of leading technologies used by individuals to interact with their surroundings. The devices may be carried - think smart phone, or worn - think remote medical sensor, and can interact with beacons along a route or within a building. This can help in finding the right boarding gate, the kind of lunch you want, or timely health communication.

John Sammis, CEO, said, “GORGES is keen on adding Push's technologies and wisdom to the services we can offer customers. We have many years experience creating database-driven software applications and web apps, including a number of apps for mobile and wearable devices. Nearables is a relatively new technology and the Push Interactive acquisition allows us to offer a richer set of solutions.”

Austin Shoecraft, Push CEO, explains, “It has been a great experience for our team to develop and sell as far as we have. Many people at Ithaca College and in the community have supported the work and cheered us on. We put so much into this. It’s great to have it picked up by a company that clearly has the skills to move it ahead. ”


John Sammis Chief Executive Officer
John Sammis

Chief Executive Officer

Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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