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GORGES integrates Bing map for

Published 05/12-2014

Bing maps

The Directory of Major Malls worked with GORGES to update  its website with a new interactive mapping feature. The new feature combines the Bing Maps platform with custom javascript, and has been integrated seamlessly into the sites Report Generator.  Site  users now have a visual reference to the retail projects they were already researching using the DMM service. The new mapping tool allows users to actually pinpoint the location of the center  and  to see other centers in close proximity. Users can now visually identify key  geographic features that could impact their analysis of a location. Additionally, by combining the new mapping tool with the existing query function, users can cross reference shopping center locations with search criteria, and visually identify which projects meet certain conditions and those which do not.

Adding mapping functionality to a web site or application  is pretty common these days because the integration is reasonably simple and, in most situations, the license is free. The license is not free when the application that integrates the map is not freely available to the public. For example, an application requires a paid subscription to access the map would need a paid license. DMM found that the license cost is worth the value provided to their clients.

The Directory of Major Malls Printed Directory was first published in the late 1970s. Since then, the Printed Directory has been joined by the online Directory of Major Malls. "Our team of researchers has made over 218,000 data point changes in just the last year alone," explains Tama J. Shor, Publisher of Directory of Major Malls. THE Directory of Major Malls has up-to-date data on more than 7,500 major open-air shopping centers and enclosed malls in the U.S. and Canada that are approximately 200k sq ft and larger in size The directory includes over 297,797 store locations and 13,957 VIP contacts. Listings cover the spectrum of center types including: enclosed malls, open-air community, power, value-retail centers, as well as lifestyle/specialty/mixed-use projects of any size


John Sammis Chief Executive Officer
John Sammis

Chief Executive Officer

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