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GORGES Launches a Shared Business Loan Application System

Published 10/07-2015

Business Loan application software

GORGES launched an online loan application system designed for the small business owner. In an unusual arrangement, the work was done for a collaboration of two separate credit unions, Alternatives Federal Credit Union of Ithaca and Cooperative Federal of Syracuse. The economies are obvious and there is also the opportunity to match the Applicants to whichever CU is the more ideal.

CUs serve specified geographic areas so one of the background features assigns the Applicant initially to the local CU where a Loan Officer in some cases may switch that assignment. The Loan Officers’ interface is a streamlined workflow system to help them quickly and accurately through the application processing. It tracks and reports all action; sends notifications about pending actions; and generally makes an increasingly regulated process manageable.

The pubic and administrative interfaces use “Responsive Design” making them very useable on mobile devices as well as at workstations.

Design intends to appeal to small business with a clear process and uncluttered forms. The process is made friendly through methods such as the ability to break off and log back in to resume.

The system uses several Ruby-on-Rails templates developed for GORGES clients. Ruby is especially appropriate for workflow managers. GORGES manages the secure hosting.


Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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