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Internet was Not for You

Published 12/19-2013

Big Data

Big Data is a child of the Internet – destined to become a sibling. It is already changing again the way we think about information and communication.

Do you remember when the Internet was not for you? You had good communication with associates – it did not need improvement. You had trusted channels for business and personal commerce – you were not motivated to shop.

But, today nearly everything you do in communication and commerce is Internet-based, and more significantly Internet-shaped. How we think about communication has been transformed. How we think about markets has been transformed. All of this is the legacy of an Internet that once was not for you.

Big Data, a child of the Internet, now brings still more change to how we communication, how we think, and how we operate daily. It is not a mysterious force. It is the process of accessing new and different types of data and then querying the data to derive insights that can be applied to real situations.

Using a sound approach to accessing, organizing, and analyzing can be the key to unlocking great value.

In the end, just as it is happening with the big Internet, the Big Data tools and Big Data ways of thinking and operating will bring as much value to medium and small data sets as it does to big data sets – even if it’s not for you.


Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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