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Published 04/21-2015

Spark PE - learning mangement system

Learning Management Systems (LMS), MOOCs, and online universities are often newsworthy these days. More quietly, and over many years, GORGES has provided LMS for clients in the medical certification field. These corporate type systems are very like their higher-ed cousins with online use at work or at home, certification, tracking, and full use of modern media types.

From the student’s view the systems tend to have these parts: 

  • The Lesson module
  • Some community pages
  • A certification-transcript-reporting feature

Forums and social networking links are often included. 

From the system host’s view, maybe an employer or a manufacturer of some complex equipment, there are these parts:

  • A user manager
  • A content upload (today, video, podcasts, images, and text)
  • An editor feature
  • A performance reporting function

Some would-be hosts have shied away from LMS in the past because the lesson content development burden. This has been eased considerable by advances in both the acceptability of and the access to video production. A supervisor can create four or five critical video lessons in just a few hours. A “talking head” method can be very easy to use. A much better “walk around” or “screen capture” video is no more challenging - it just needs a sketch story line and a cell phone.

GORGES is happily building LMS software for a program that counters childhood obesity and encourages life-long physical activity. This is a project for the leading provider of children’s Physical Education programs, SPARK PE, has been launched in its first version. It is for PE Instructors at DOD’s International Schools. A much larger project for public and private schools, spanning Early Childhood to Grade 12 is now in progress for SPARK.

GORGES sees projects for the corporate learning market as equally rewarding. This software brings real tools to the buzz about life-long learning, increases the skill base, reduces work hazards, and encourages a wide range of employees to treat their careers as something they can manage.



Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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