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Maintenance Plans at GORGES

Published 08/28-2014

At GORGES, we have found we can help our client businesses grow and prosper by continuing with them after initial development to provide expertise as needed to keep the websites and applications responsive to their users and prominent in their intended realms.

Our Maintenance Plans bring peace of mind and reduce business risk. Clients know a team of experts is available on a pre-planned basis to help with mission critical operations. The plans setup accurate and timely support by answering questions, updating content, making minor tweaks or bug fixes, design improvements, programming improvements, analyzing and resolving data issues, and much more.

Websites and applications exist in a rapidly changing social and  technical environment. Client organizations and businesses are also in flux. Over time, additional features or functions, requiring design, programming, and changes to the software are needed.

Our maintenance plans accumulate lists of tentative tasks, prioritize the tasks, and assign the tasks as funds permit. Maintenance Plan holders receive a monthly phone call from the assigned GORGES manager. Scheduling and other matters are mutually settled.


Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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