Programming Small Devices with Large Control Abilities

June 6, 2014
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In mid-2013 Pebble Watch contracted with GORGES for a wearable app for iControl home automation devices, including iControl’s alarm systems, thermostats, door locks, and lights.

In addtition to its very useful functionality, Pebble intended the app to showcase the capabilities of then newly-released Pebble 2.0 firmware.

The app was developed by Matt Clark at GORGES and presented by Pebble during the Consumer Electronics Show in January, 2014, in Las Vegas. This year Pebble Founder and CEO, Eric Migicovsky, spoke at the SXSW Developers Garage explaining how the smart home with smart watch integration is a natural use because “there is something about having an immediate physical connection with your home.” With wearables and the home, you can truly customize a users’ experience and environment based on the user as an individual in that exact moment – something you can’t do with any other technology.

Pebble Watch joined the iControl OpenHome Program. It is an online community for app and device makers to work together on a common platform for smart home solutions like Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome, Comcast XFINITY Home and Rogers Smart Home Monitoring.

The home security market stands out as a Pebble venue, but it is only the tip of an iceberg. Many other personal, medical, and business needs may be addressed through something simple on a wrist.

GORGES has wearable development experience, and has created smart watch apps for iControl, eBay, PayPal, Samsung, and others.

Written By
Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark

CEO / Application Developer