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CHESS launches new custom software by GORGES

Published 08/07-2014

On July 15 the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) began using new program management software developed just for CHESS by GORGES, Inc., an Ithaca, New York software firm. On that day Ernie Fontes, Associate Director, CHESS, and the Director of the CHESS X-ray Program User Office, Kathy Dedrick, switched program management to the new software.

CHESS serves a wide spectrum from Universities, National Laboratories, and Industry. CHESS is one of only a few a high-intensity X-ray sources in the world. It provides users a state-of-the-art synchrotron radiation source for research in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Materials Sciences.
Five to six hundred scientists and training scientists visit CHESS's 12 endstations to run their experiments and collect data each year.

Efficient management of all these groups, all their materials, security, general orderliness, and scheduling for a few hours of “beam time” calls for unique and thoroughly up-to-date software.

GORGES began several years ago meeting with CHESS management to plan the system. Design and coding is based in a PHP and MySQL database system with an Angular Javascript interface and Tableau for reporting. Contact Don Ellis at GORGES for tours this and other management and reporting software.


Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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