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Team building outing and lots of fun

Published 05/16-2013

the GORGES gang on a field trip to Ports of New York

Having found December a fairly difficult month to gather for a Holiday get-together, the gang here at GORGES decided to wait until January to share some laughs together outside of the office; laughs we had.

Our host

Being the adventurous group that we are, the gentlemen allowed me to lead them out of the office with blindfolds and pile them into chauffeur driven limousines to be whisked away to an unknown destination.  Much to their delight we arrived at Ports of New York, for a tasting and a fascinating history lesson of the making of Meleau specialty wines. Our charming host, Frederic Bouche, the owner is a fourth generation wine maker from France whose ancestors made wine in Bordeaux and Normandy. In 2011 he opened his own local winery here in Ithaca. We spent the next hour or so learning about how these uniquely mellow, (Meleau) but spirited wines are made here in Ithaca using grapes grown in the Finger Lakes.

Ah yes, and the proof is in the tasting.

the GORGES gang on a field trip to Ports of New York

As we moved on to the second part of our evening, only to step outside and discover it was more like December than December was, we were all in the holiday spirit as we attempted to snowshoe over to Mira’s Mediterranean Bistro to join our better halves.

Ah yes, and again, the proof is in the tasting.


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