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Wordpress or Drupal

Published 01/19-2012

Drupal or Wordpress

GORGES does not have any intrinsic preference between, Drupal and Wordpress. We can and will provide either. Several recent clients have posed this choice. We think this choice needs to be based in the technology.

Wanting to be as unbiased as possible, I have researched online several times and offer these two third-party views:

Both articles try to be unbiased, and I think they succeed. Neither writes that Wordpress and Drupal are on the same plane. They both assign Wordpress to the simplest of websites and Drupal to the next echelon. This matches our considerable experience. Wordpress provides an elegantly ease-to-use CMS. It is the appropriate choice for lightly featured blogs and very simple websites.

The Drupal community is on a different track. Drupal is a machine for making interactive websites - newspapers, magazines, large corporate websites, online stores. In the spectrum of technology, Drupal picks up where Wordpress leaves off, and takes us toward standard web applications. When the project no longer fits “standard things you do on a website,” it is a web application that requires a web application framework. GORGES will in that case recommend the appropriate framework, maybe Ruby on Rails, Yii, or .NET.

It should also be noted, that when a client is engaging GORGES to perform setup, to propose designs, to guide the process and provide training, the distinctions having to do with ease of setup, theme decisions, and ease of use become inconsequential. GORGES shoulders those.

The differences between Wordpress and Drupal are finally differences in capability. What interactive features does your website need now and how likely are you to want significant visitor interaction in the future? Is the site to be a one-time undertaking, or is it likely to grow through time? If these are not issues, Wordpress might be just right.


Don Ellis Director of Technical Planning
Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

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