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Certified Naturally Grown

Grassroots alternative to the certified organic system for farms and agricultural producers


GORGES was retained to take over and complete the development of a full suite of management tools. The system we built allows farmers to apply for certification, upload supporting documentation, and track the progress through the process. Site administrators review and approve applications, and manage the content and directory in the website. Additional back-end tools were integrated to allow this entire non-profit business to be managed easily with a very small staff.

I'm thrilled with the new website and feel renewed optimism about what our organization can accomplish. It's been great working with GORGES. They are efficient, responsive, and even anticipated my needs to streamline the whole development process and increase the potency of our site. It's a treat to be working with such a professional operation.

Alice Varon, Executive Director

What We Did

  • Ruby on Rails certification system
  • Integrated with CiviCRM for customer management
  • Drupal Ubercart ecommerce
  • Responsive design
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