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Concept Systems facilitates large-scale group collaboration and communications using "Concept Mapping". This unique methodology takes the input of a large group on a given range of issues, and generates a consensus in the form of "Concept Maps". These are visual representations of the group's ideas laid out spatially, prioritized, and grouped for action.

GORGES has been Concept Systems' trusted technology partner since 2005, maintaining and enhancing the company's mission-critical software,

Beginning in 2005, GORGES crafted a web-based project management and data collection system, Concept Systems Global using web technology. CS Global lets users log in from anywhere to provide their input to the process, and features multi-language capability for truly global reach. It also includes advanced user interface features such as drag-and-drop for sorting statements, and an extensive custom content management system (CMS) that administrators can use to tailor individual projects.

In 2012, GORGES built another major software component to complete the transition to a fully web-based software platform, Concept Systems Global MAX. This version incorporates all the analysis functions of the now-retired desktop software, which was carefully re-engineered and redeployed using advanced web technologies such as the Raphael JS toolkit. Raphael is used to generate fully interactive diagrams that are unique to the Concept System, allowing users to drill down into the details of each analysis result and perform "what-if" scenarios complete with animated vector graphics. Analysis diagrams are displayed in a multi-window interface that supports re-sizing, minimization and other desktop-style features.

Concept Systems Inc. has worked with the GORGES team for over seven years on the development and maintenance of our company's proprietary group concept mapping software products. GORGES is creative and responsive when it comes to helping us refine and innovate our participatory based and analytic solutions that serve hundreds of our clients and their stakeholders every day. I am impressed by the team's knowledge and skills as well as their agility to work on developing dynamic web-based tools.

Brenda Pepe, Lead Consultant

What We Did

  • Web-based software platform re-engineered from a legacy system preserving key analytical functions for compatibility
  • Advanced user interface, including scalable vector graphics and animation
  • Custom-built multi-tier content management system
  • Multi-language capabilities for truly global reach
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