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Cornell University Mobile App

Mobile Application and Database Support Field Researchers


GORGES developed an iPhone and Android mobile app for New York State Integrated Pest Management, a program associated with Cornell Cooperative Extension. This app is integrated with a back-end database and used in the field for real-time tracking and identification of pests.

The application displays reference information on common pests and beneficial insects that can be used to target them, facilitates entry of scout and application reports on site - including recognition of greenhouse locations using optical QR codes, and caches report data when out of network range

On the web side, our software provides online analysis tools - users can log into the Greenhouse IPM site to view detailed report summaries, including charts and graphs

This application is a beautiful example of web-database-mobile all working together seamlessly.

Working with GORGES has helped us to create a much more useful and interactive application than we had envisioned. The open discussions and exchange of suggestions - even when we were sometimes speaking different technical languages – led to an app that is valuable to greenhouse growers around the world.

Senior Extension Associate, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Elizabeth Lamb, Ph.D.

What We Did

  • Mobile app development
  • Database to store pest information, beneficials, and reports
  • Web administrative tools
  • iPhone and Android compatible
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