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Cortland Line Fishing Gear

Cortland Line Sales for Consumers and Dealers


Cortland Line is an old line fishing line manufacturer in Cortland, New York that is undergoing a whole new line of marketing and sales. GORGES launched this extensive new website, It is a Drupal e-Commerce website that links shoppers to either the online purchasing system or to a system for finding a local dealer.

Implied here is the need to not just list local dealers, but to list only the local dealers that carry the particular product the shopper clicked on. This inventory-checking function is only one of several complications that make the website special. Custom database software was developed as a “line finder” to speed the shopper through selection.

I have worked with Gorges for over five years and will continue to work with them for internet based web applications and hosting. They listen and get to know your business no matter how unique. The extra time discussing goals and end user usability saves considerable time, energy and money on the final product. They are very professional, understand budgets and establish clear timelines. They are true business partners.

Randy Brown, CEO, Cortland Line

What We Did

  • Setup Drupal Commerce, a distribution of the Drupal content management system
  • Configured for mixed consumer and dealer views
  • Applied GORGES's own responsive design template for compatibility on mobile devices
  • Worked with Client's design group to reconcile and render design elements
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