Directory of Major Malls

Subscription-based e-commerce solution for shopping center data


Owner Tama Shor has an industry-leading database of shopping malls across the US and Canada. It was originally distributed to subscribers in book form, and later on CD-ROM.

When Tama decided to upgrade to a web-based offering, she came to GORGES. We built a comprehensive custom solution, including e-commerce for subscription purchases, user-friendly data search tools, and a back-end tool for collecting and managing mall data.

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We built a custom e-commerce solution, using as the payment processor. This lets Tama manage her complex array of subscription offerings, and present them to customers in an understandable format.

Our e-commerce framework supports trial subscriptions, reminder emails, and automatic subscription renewals.


Search Tools

Subscribers can search for malls and stores using dozens of detailed criteria, and can save their search settings.

The advanced search shows a count of returned results in real time. The search results can be viewed in tabular form, or displayed on a map.


Data Management

We rebuilt Tama's back-end data management tool (Mallsys) in the Yii PHP framework, integrating it more closely with the main subscriber application. Data updates were formerly a "fingers crossed" semi-annual operation involving separate servers and database environments. Now, subscriber data updates can be processed on demand within a single database, with full change tracking.

We also redesigned the complex workflow for generating custom questionnaires to be sent to mall owners and managers. Gathering mall data is a full-time job for Tama's research staff, and they now have a streamlined automated process to perform this task.


I love working with the team at GORGES. We started with GORGES several years ago when we needed to redevelop our existing subscriber access site and integrate it with our existing internal editorial system. It was an overwhelming process for us but the team did an amazing job at "making many things happen" at one time and bringing the initial launch in on time. Since then they have helped us further enhance the site, our internal systems and process and advised us in more ways than we I can count. I am constantly grateful that we have the GORGES team working with us behind the scenes.

Tama J Shor