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The International Center for Postgraduate Medical Education (ICPME) is an accredited continuing education provider serving customers world-wide. The company provides independent, quality continuing education for physicians and other health care professionals. ICPME produces traditional classroom classes, webinars, and CD and online self-paced courses.

As ICPME's course offerings grew it realized that its traditional approach producing, promoting and processing courses was inefficient. Most of the materials required for promoting and presenting a course were printed, and were sent to students via mail and fax. Also, the tests that determine whether someone receives credit were processed by hand. ICPME came to us looking for a comprehensive system for managing their course offerings.

We produced a comprehensive course management system that allows new and returning users to search for relevant courses using a variety of techniques. The system allows users to register for traditional courses and webinars, access immediately online courses and archived webinars, and order CD-based courses and print materials. Once a course has been completed the user clicks on the Post Test button to accesses an online test. The test is scored immediately and, if the score exceeds the specified level, the user can print the corresponding CME certificate.

The system provides a backend administrative dashboard for managing the entire system. All of the components related to a course – faculty bios, course description, teaching activities, and test questions - can be added and edited using a simple web interface. And integrated reports allow ICPME to constantly monitor usage and track orders.

We LOVE the new functionality. Love Love LOVE it. There has been high fives and whooping and happy feet dancing. Literally.

Tracy Stewart

What We Did

  • Online registration
  • Comprehensive course management
  • Online course presentation, post course test and printable certificate
  • Flexible search
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