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Ithaca City School District

GORGES delivers technology tracking and course management software to local school district


GORGES has had the pleasure of working on several pieces of educational and support software as part of a multi-year partnership with our local school district.

Our first project is called STAR:
The Ithaca City School District approached GORGES with a unique challenge. They requested we develop an online system to allow them to manage all technology purchases, including receiving and post-deployment tracking. GORGES built a software system to a mutually developed specification, and now school district managers can create purchase orders, receive and serialize hardware, and manage inventory.

In the eight years that we have been working together, GORGES has extended this system continually, and also created additional software systems uniquely fitted to match the school's needs, saving the school district money every day because of efficient use of staff time.

The second project detailed here is a course management database system for the Lehman Alternative Community School. This is a public school that doesn't use traditional grades. Instead, students work on projects individually and in teams. Our system enables self- and teacher-evaluations that determine when a student progresses to the next grade and presents a unified portfolio of work when they have completed requirements for graduation.

It is an honor to be supporting our fine local educational institutions and support our regional families in this way.

Thanks everyone, you guys are an amazing team and proof that school-corporate collaboration can be a win-win. I am still discovering new power in the system you built for us and finding ways to deliver services faster and with less pain.

Mike Pliss, former Director of IIT, Ithaca City School District

What We Did

  • Anytime, anywhere access to key information
  • Track and organize thousands of assets
  • Course and evaluation management system
  • Built on LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP)
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