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Learning Management System for Accessibility Assessment


Inclusion U is a 10-hour training that teaches you how to be a Certified Inclusivity Assessor. With Inclusion U, you will learn the foundations of inclusion and how to use the Inclusivity Assessment Tool.

Inclusion U has nine modules. At the end of the nine modules, you will take the Inclusion U Final Exam to show that you have gained the knowledge and competency to be a Certified Inclusivity Assessor. You are then able to complete inclusivity assessments, using the Inclusivity Assessment Tool. You will be able to add your inclusivity assessments to the IRRC online recreation database.

"Among other tasks, we developed a Learning Management System for our award-winning Inclusion U Online, which Gorges was able to integrate into the SUNY Cortland payment system. And perhaps the biggest achievement, Gorges developed a powerful online recreation database, with both a “back-end” data input system that is highly user friendly and a “front-end” public display of the data that is attractive and informative. We are now working on an app for our next phase of the project. Through all this work, the Gorges staff has been wonderful to work alongside, not only knowledgeable and skilled, but fun, too!"

Dr. Lynn Anderson, CTRS, CPRP - Distinguished Service Professor

What We Did

  • Collaborated in defining the needs for a website to train volunteers in assessing the accessibility of outdoor recreation sites.
  • Created a version of the GORGES Ruby-based Learning Management System
  • Worked with the Client to add features and functions unique to the volunteer situation and the assessment assignments
  • Programmed a Responsive Design that enables adequate data access and data storage even when cell and wifi are not available
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