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Linda Shiner and Associates

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Linda Shiner's database application was rebuilt to allow easier access to the wealth of information that she has organized for use by her clients.

The core function of the application is to allow client firms to locate manufacturers and their products, and contact appropriate sales reps for their region. The application also lets each client manage their internal library of catalogs and other manufacturer resources.

After rebuilding the main application, GORGES extended it to allow manufacturers and sales reps to update their own information, to improve the quality of the data while allowing Linda and her staff to concentrate on client-focused work.

GORGES transformed our website and database from an expensive disappointment into the nicely designed, multi-functional tool that I dreamed it could be. My employees and I are thrilled with the ease of data management and our clients are impressed with the accessibility to information they now have. The GORGES culture is professional, responsive and relaxed. It's a real pleasure to work with them.

Linda Shiner, President, Linda Shiner & Associates

What We Did

  • Migrated and normalized a large existing data set into a modern database system
  • Built comprehensive administrative and client data management tools
  • 3rd party service integration
  • Public interface design and layout
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