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Mobile Investigation App

GORGES creates iPhone and Android mobile investigative tool


GORGES designed and programmed an iPhone and Android mobile app, that enables investigators of deaths to compile photos and videos and case notes around a specific case into a remote database, all in real-time from the field.

When we needed an iPhone application for our web system I contacted GORGES. Yes, they can write software code. However, what was outstanding and by far their most critical contribution to the finished product was: Internet knowledge and experience. Listening to our ideas and being able to describe how each feature would most likely behave; given the realities of working online, was priceless. Our users benefit, and are not constantly asked to upgrade due to our lack of planning. Excellent work!

Steve Clark, PhD, Director

What We Did

  • Enter data directly into the online death investigation database at the scene.
  • Use the mobile device (iOS phone or tablet) to record images
  • Transcribe notes immediately using the microphone feature
  • Record audio notes for storage
  • Ability to store files for subsequent uploads at a later time if a data connection is unavailable


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