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Workflow Management Software for New York Farmnet


The mission of NY FarmNet is to provide New York farm families with free, confidential consulting services to develop skills for improving financial and production efficiency, as well as overcoming business and family challenges.

The website presents an encouraging set of services to farm family visitors. It is also the management hub for the cadre of consultants and specialists who actually provide the services, usually at the farm. The core of the system is an online workflow management and scheduling system that allows the consultants to provide their services efficiently, and for Farmnet staff to track, manage and report on progress.

Your developer, David Furber is awesome, he is hyper responsive. Love working with him and all the rest of the group.

Darren (Hal) McCabe, Outreach Director, New York Farm Net at Cornell University

What We Did

  • GORGES designed the farmer interface as a clear and direct website leading to a range of helpful services. It is a Drupal content management system used by staff.
  • Working with NYFarmnet staff and attending Farmnet consultants, GORGES built an interface for consultants to use in recording client information, selecting work assignments, and communicating in several ways. Nested in the Drupal site there is a Rub-on-Rails workflow manager.
  • For the NYFarmnet staff GORGES developed a series of forms and a notification system for pairing consultants with farm families. Drupal and Rails share a database of contacts and case records.
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