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Site Redesign - Drupal


For this redesign project we were fortunate to have a large library of professional quality photographs as a starting point. With it's semi translucent turquoise blue overlays and modern clean look the design takes it's queue from the colors and glass windows of the building itself. There are multiple slideshows per page in order to highlight the client's high end office and the surrounding landscaping. We also added some google maps for each amenity type so prospective clients can learn more about what's located nearby.

We had a good website that just needed a little refreshing. Then the GORGES folks quickly showed us in a very nice way that the website really needed to be re-invented. Thanks to GORGES by the time we were done, we'd become good collaborators. We've had a lot of compliments and are thrilled with the product.

John Preotle

What We Did

  • Site Redesign
  • Multiple full width slideshows
  • Google Map integration for amenities


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