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More than two dozen Pebble smart apps have been created by GORGES. These apps are available from the Pebble App Store, and are among the more popular apps rated by Pebble wearables users.

The Fair Weather app, by Matthew Clark, CTO at GORGES, was voted the best Pebble app in the first ever poll by in August, 2013.

The first step was to develop a plan of attack. To create a Pebble tide and weather app, we needed an online provider of tide and weather information, and then to figure out how to get that information through a smart phone to the Pebble.

The next hurdle was figuring out which monitoring station from the NOAA list to use. We was able to obtain a list of the monitoring stations with latitude and longitude. The GPSlocation of the smart phone could be used in a Haversine formula calculation to find the closest station.

We created a simple MySQL database to store the station list, and added a web service page that finds the closest station, and placed these on one of our GORGES servers. With the station identified, we could obtain a list of the high and low tides from the NOAA service. We had to cull the list by checking each of the stations with an automated script – some of these stations are inland and supply no tidal information.

We chose to use httPebble to communicate with the Internet from the Pebble. The httPebble app is available freely in the App store for wearables, and contains functionality to access the Internet, get GPS location information from the smart phone, and store information on the phone for data persistence (which is missing in the standalone Pebble operating system). One limitation of the httPebble app is that only up to 124 characters of information can be transmitted at a time; therefore we had to strip unnecessary information and compress the tidal information in order to conform to this limit

I am very impressed with the products and creative thinking GORGES has brought to Pebble’s wearable devices. Their business integrity and professionalism make a valuable relationship.

Thomas Sarlandie - Developer Evangelist - Pebble

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