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SPARKecademy Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management (LMS) for SPARKecademy


The SPARK Programs company distributes a range of support information and materials for physical education instructors - early-childhood through high school.

Complete cirricula are available across five age categories offering structures for organizing a curriculum, conducting a class, evaluating student performance, and much more.

Among the programs is this fully new one built with help from GORGES. It is a Learning Management System (LMS) specifically for PE instructors are at DOD operated schools worldwide.

GORGES created just the Learning Management System we needed and then worked gracefully through the surprise ending as we asked them to change course and connect the LMS to an established e-Commerce system. They worked with our IT group to solve many integration problems. I easily endorse the professionalism of the whole GORGES group.

Jeff Mushkin, Project Specialist

What We Did

  • Created a customized version of the GORGES Learning Management System
  • Tuned the e-commerce modules to sell course access through SPARK’s pre-existing Oracle-based online commerce
  • Provided an instance of the LMS with special editing features
  • Incorporated the Client’s branding
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