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Tompkins County Public Library

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GORGES took on the challenge of re-designing our local library's website. We first worked with the library staff to determine a new information architecture for the library's very large website. Next, we completed a professional site design overhaul, adding functionality and improved site editing capabilities along the way. We hand crafted separate sections for adults, children and teens to increase engagement.

Thank you both so very much for the terrific work of everyone at GORGES who helped us with the new site. Our Board was really excited about the website and the new features. We appreciate the time, the care and the energy all of you put into this project. We are thrilled with the results!

Susan Currie, Director

What We Did

  • 3rd party event feed integration
  • Multiple themes for different sections of the site
  • Logo design
  • Site architecture restructuring
  • Mobile friendly view (stylesheet toggle)
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