Agricultural management software

Parent company OBH needed an application that could be used in the field to track the costs of running the Willet Dairy farm, the largest dairy farm in Upstate NY with 7,000 acres of land. Comparable existing software was out of their budget but GORGES was able to build exactly what they needed for a manageable price point.

OBH / Willet Dairy app screens over photo of cows in field

VueJS and Firestore to the rescue

In order to stay under budget GORGES decided to create a web based app that utilized a Firestore database in order to allow farm employees to enter data in the field even if they had no internet connection. The VueJS framework allowed us to create the necessary interfaces efficiently.

OBH app screen montage

Mobile friendly

The app needed to be easy to use on mobile phones since that was the most likely device workers would have on hand.

Edit Crops screen on mobile phone
Job Record screen on mobile phone
Field List screen on mobile phone

Multi lingual

The app was translated into Spanish to allow employees to view any screen in their preferred language with a click of a button.

Spanish language version of Job Report page