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Database Design & Programming

Databases are critical to the success of any web, mobile or software application

We are database programming specialists. Nearly all of our projects involve a database, or multiple databases. Databases are used to store product information, user accounts, sales information, customers profiles, and every type of image or text seen in any wearable app, mobile app, website, or software application. 

GORGES portfolio includes databases that store:

Our database technologies do more than store data.

  • A mobile application that posts and retrieves data to and from a database when there is a cell connection and otherwise stores it on the device and waits to synchronize

  • Specialized diagramming and scripting techniques to change a database’s structure and update data relationships during database migrations - usually done as part of the modernizing of older data systems

  • Cross-linked databases from different sources, such as third-party web services, or third-party software using API’s, many other custom systems integrations

For Geeks only

We have worked with many of the leading database technologies, including MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostGres, and many others.  Our database administrators are constantly on the lookout for up-and-coming new technologies that can benefit our customers, such as graph databases and other non-relational databases.

Database planning, database programming and database management are critical to the success of any web, mobile or software application. GORGES methodically cultivates expertise in databases as they are a key component of all of our substantial work.

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