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GORGES is seeking immediate hire of 2 awesome developer / programmers, one person with more experience and one with less but eager to learn from us and become a crack programmer.  GORGES offers high-end professional development services creating website and mobile apps and sophisticated data systems for diverse clients.  

Our workplace is spacious, our developers have flexible schedules, largely meeting in the offices.  We value diversity and collaboration.  We've been around for 10 years and are excited to bring top service to the business market for another 10. 

Could you be our next team member?

Senior Developer

Do you:

  • Have 5-10 years of professional coding experience in PHP / Linux / Apache / MySQL, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, mobile development etc?
  • Love working with larger complex data systems, including multi-year projects where we design & build then support and iterate improvements?
  • Hope to see that your softwares makes a difference?
  • Want to be part of a hot fun team with top developers to learn with and from?
  • Are OK about living in hip Ithaca, NY and potentially starting in February / March?

Please send resume and cover letter to John at:

Junior Developer

Do you:

  • Have a bachelors or masters degree in computer science or similar field?
  • Have a couple of years of solid work and team project experience you can show us?
  • Know Ruby on Rails, PHP, or similar?
  • Love to work on cool projects with other seasoned developers you can learn from?
  • Live in the Ithaca area and can potentially start soon?

Please send resume and cover letter to John at:

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