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Learning Management System for Training and On-boarding

GORGES LMS is Built on a Decade of Experience

GORGES continually adds featrues to its LMS Core. Clients continually suggest more features for the LMS. A decade of dedication to meeting clieint needs has created a solid LMS with unique capability for rapid customization.

Employees gain by using GORGES LMS because:

  • Displays a straightforward, uncluttered interface focused on learning
  • Offers seamless access to a range of learning media - video, audio, text, and more
  • Makes a single place to learn the whole range of a company's SOP, HR, and HS&E standards
  • Generates certificates and hold permanent transcript records
  • Presents a path to easy skill upgrading and online cross training
  • Employs responsive design for use on phones and tablets - at work - at home - any place 

Instructor and Teacher like using GORGES LMS because:

  • Sets up an unlimited number of courses
  • Re-uses resources (videos, audio, images, and so forth) across courses
  • Fosters a wide range of competency learning 
  • Provides an intuitive, non-threatening assessment interface with multiple question types
  • Uses standard and custom assessment methods

Administrators and Executives find high value in GORGES LMS because:

  • Simplifies company-wide training by providing one system for SOP, HR, and HS&E training
  • Provides tracking at the employee and division levels [do we have this?]
  • Motivates employees by showing paths to skill upgrading and cross training
  • Eases the training burden for individual managers by providing access to a library of learning units
  • Contains control options such as classroom sign in and sign out
  • Supports login access for individual students, classes, instructors, and administrators
  • Presents the a minimal comany branding for all pages
  • Provides for easy authoring by external authors and in-house divsion managers and unit managers
  • Offers add-ons and upgrades as they become available

Visit GORGES LMS projects:

  • Central New York Area Health Education - Two sites, one for SOP and HS&E tracking in health care facilities, and one for independent Continuing Medical Education certification
  • International Center for Postgraduate Medical Education (ICPME) - Provided educational programming for radiology healthcare professionals for over 15 years
  • SPARKecademy - SPARKecademy is a professional development resource for K-12 Physical Educators and researchers interested in following emerging physical education methods.
  • ActivEpi Learning Management System - ActivEpi Web, is an electronic textbook for teaching epidemiology, available free on-line. This unique instructional tool is at:
  • These sites all require logins. Please contact GORGES for a tour.

LMS notes for Geeks Only:

  • The LMS Core is built on the very agile Ruby-on-Rails platform.
  • The emphasis with the Core development is stability.
  •  The emphasis with Module development is connectivity.
  • Varoius engines and modules are standard, or avaialble as add-ons
  • Custom connections to ecommerce are availble
  • Connections to external resource databases can be set up
  • Is SCORM compliant
  • Responsive Design goes very deep with sophisticated break points and a wide range of device compatibility

Learning Management Systems Case Studies

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