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GORGES, Inc. acquires Ithaca startup Push Interactive

October 18th, 2019
GORGES, a custom software developer in Ithaca, New York, is expanding its mobile, data integration, and Bluetooth beacon expertise by acquiring Push Interactive.

Consumer Wearables Tech may Lead the Way for Medical Remote Sensing Tech

October 18th, 2019
Wearables technology includes fast-evolving consumer products and glacially slow medical products. The one will make the path for the other and medical services will be increasingly commoditized.

GORGES at Pebble Developer Retreat

October 18th, 2019
GORGES is again sponsored by Pebble to their exclusive west-coast developer retreat.

An interview with Matt Clark about wearable technology such as the Pebble watch and the Samsung Gear watch.

October 18th, 2019
Under Matt's leadership GORGES has developed watch apps and watch interfaces for Pebble and Samsung watches
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