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David Shaffer

Application Developer

David Shaffer, Application Developer

BA Music, Mansfield University, 2007

David’s background in programming began in high school, creating small personal webpages for fun. Later, after being inspired by an xkcd comic he took up programming as a serious intellectual pursuit. He tried a few things and found he enjoyed programming with Ruby On Rails and PHP.

David has developed and maintained software to:

  • Help thousands of real estate investors manage their investment businesses
  • Create a suggestion box, voting, and commenting system that greatly improved communication between one business and its users. 
  • Deployed software to hundreds of end-user machines for several different projects

“Dave” constantly seeks digital solutions to common problems and enjoys learning new technology. He is also a musician and recording engineer.

John Sammis, Chief Executive Officer
John Sammis

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Clark, Chief Technical Officer
Matthew Clark

Chief Technical Officer

Christopher Grant, Director Business Development
Christopher Grant

Director Business Development

David Furber, Application Developer
David Furber

Application Developer

Ted Caldwell, Application Developer
Ted Caldwell

Application Developer

Sean Kennedy, Designer, Front End Developer
Sean Kennedy

Designer, Front End Developer

Doug Foster, Project Manager
Doug Foster

Project Manager

Alexy Mikhailichenko, Application Developer
Alexy Mikhailichenko

Application Developer

David Shaffer, Application Developer
David Shaffer

Application Developer

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