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Don Ellis

Director of Technical Planning

Don Ellis, Director of Technical Planning

Don develops new projects for GORGES clients. In some cases this is only a matter of a single client conversation to determine update needs or new application needs. In other cases it involves weeks of enterprise and technology planning meetings with client groups. These sessions may focus on a single need or they may produce the documentation for months or years of fundamental technology advances.

Don's highly developed communication and analysis skills serve clients well whether mutually envisioning system improvements or working together to create whole new organizational strategies.

His innovative work includes video-based project simulations, developing e-Commerce as early as 1995, and campus-wide Content Management Systems in 1998. His expertise is in business system design and in software project administration.

Don has developed, overseen, or led hundreds of web application projects:

  • Many e-Commerce sites for retailers and academic book sellers
  • A fully specialized e-commerce package sold to 50+ wineries
  • an SaaS project management system for architects
  • Graduate records systems and online student application forms
  • Several web-based control and subscriber interfaces for a nation-wide gps application

Don's skills include:

  • LAMP Development and LAMP System Admin
  • Project Management of Drupal, PHO, and Ruby on Rails projects
  • Web Design with CSS3, HTML5, Drupal, and programming in PHP, MySQL
  • Product Development
  • Strategic Application Planning

Don worked six years in avionics, pioneered several computer specialties within the field of architecture, taught construction and Computer Aided Design courses in a Civil Engineering department, and then launched and led Spider Graphics for 13 years, an early website firm, before coming to GORGES.

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