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Doug Foster

Project Manager

Doug Foster, Project Manager

(B.A. Amherst College, 1986. M.R.P. Cornell University, 1990)

Doug Foster has 20 years experience in database applications and web development. After 10 years working as an urban planner specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), he started his own company in 2000 and in that capacity worked with clients such as JP Morgan Chase, Mediamark Research and Phoenix International.

Doug has also spent years managing data for market research. At GORGES, Doug is skilled working with both small and large clients to bring the best solution possible.

Doug has programmed database-driven websites since the mid-1990s, starting with ColdFusion and ASP. He currently is focused on leveraging open source Content Management Systems to maximize value for our customers.

Doug's skills include:

  • Project and customer management
  • PHP/ColdFusion/ASP
  • SQL Server/MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Visual Basic/VBA
  • Wordpress/Drupal
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Doug's excellent communication and analysis skills serve him well when working with GORGES clients.

John Sammis, Chief Executive Officer
John Sammis

Chief Executive Officer

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Matthew Clark

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Doug Foster, Project Manager
Doug Foster

Project Manager

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