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Luigi Llanos

Application Developer

Luigi Llanos, Application Developer

(B.S. Computer Forensics)

Luigi grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America. He arrived in the U.S in 1996. Luigi has a passion for Languages and is currently fluent in: Spanish, English, Italian, Beginners level Farsi, Arabic. He has traveled extensively across the U.S. as a professional driver for both the transportation and entertaiment industries including the band Donna the Buffalo for 5 years ( Co-founder of Eurosedans & Limousines. (

Luigi is the founder of a local social network built along with GORGES, Finger Lakes Unplugged ( Specialized studies in Computer Forensics and counter-intelligence. Research studies in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), human brain frequencies and meditation.

Luigi's skills include:

  • Drupal CMS development and training
  • HTML, XML, C++, Visual Basic
  • Solid communication skills
  • Interface design and development
  • Open source tools and technologies

Luigi is committed to delivering high value to our client's websites primarily by leveraging the power in the open-source website content management system Drupal. He does this by first understanding the requirements, then carefully coding the interfaces, then reviewing and tweaking as necessary unil the work is perfect.

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