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Sean Kennedy

Designer, Front End Developer

Sean Kennedy, Designer, Front End Developer

(B.A. Music, Hampshire College, Amherst Mass., 1990)

Web Designer/Developer and Technical Project Manager.  

Sean is an experienced and skilled user interface designer who helps clients translate their information and marketing needs into well organized web interfaces. 
He often works with clients throughout the entire project starting with UX and visual design and continuing through template and css rendering and post launch site optimization.

As an accomplished graphic designer he understands how to use color, typography and layout to effectively present the message and branding goals. In addition, Sean can provide advice about the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He is also skilled in the latest web styling tools and techniques, such as CSS3 and Parallax animation, and can use those to efficiently render dynamic web pages.

Sean has worked on projects utilizing a wide variety of frameworks, languages and open source CMS's including, Yii, Ruby on Rails, .Net MVC, Bootstrap, SASS and Drupal.

Sean's skills include:

  • Graphic design, illustration and layout
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Information design, wireframes, and storyboards
  • (UX) User Experience design 
  • Drupal Development

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