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GORGES History

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GORGES first article in the Ithaca Journal

GORGES was founded in 2003 by Matthew Clark, Princeton Alum and longtime Ithaca resident and local computer whiz.  In 2005, Cornell graduate Christopher Grant joined, bringing sales and project management skills as well as a keen sense of business and design aesthetic to the team.  

Prior to joining forces, Matthew and Christopher both worked in New York City for high-flying Internet startups, learning the technical services business in a hands-on manner, and developing contacts and reputations that would serve them well in Ithaca.

After a couple years as a duo, we landed a large contract for a Washington DC startup, and suddenly had enough work and opportunity to hire the first full-time employee, David Furber, who remains a valuable staff member at GORGES.  

As the quality work rolled out and reputation improved, we were able to expand more each year, adding programmers, designers, and project managers across the next few years.  Though our staff size and office size increased considerably over the years, we never lost sight of our vision.  Here is our vision as it is framed on the walls of our main GORGES offices:

Use our strength, wisdom, intelligence and passion to build software solutions that our customers need and can afford

Be a great company to work for

Treat our customers as partners, with honesty, fairness and transparency

Make a positive impact on our community

GORGES takes great pride in the quality of delivered work and the testimonials received in the last decade plus show that we are sticking closely to and succeeding at this vision.

GORGES humble start in Matt's attic reminds us of so many of their client startup companies, and provides motivation to do everything possible to help our clients' businesses succeed.

GORGES is financially strong, technically adept, communicates excellently, and is well-positioned as a company to continue to thrive for many years to come.

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