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Wearable apps

GORGES has developed dozens of apps for wearable devices, specifically smart watches. The products developed by GORGES have been showcased at the highest level at CES Las Vegas, SXSW, and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and also won the first "best of" poll for Pebble apps in 2013.

Our deep knowledge and experience with web and mobile solutions has translated into a high level of competence in wearable development. We have hands-on experience with several wearable platforms including Pebble, Tizen (for Samsung Galaxy Gear models), Android 4.3 (for Goophone), Android Wear, and soon for the Apple Watch.

Pebble Development Framework

As an early developer of Pebble apps, we have relationships and access to cutting-edge Pebble tools and products. We have developed a unique software platform that enables us to crank out clever and compelling Pebble apps efficiently. Our platform includes modules for Internet connectivity, GPS integration, image transmissions, secure authorizations, animation, custom settings, and color support for the recently-announced Pebble Time watch.

We have developed Pebble apps under contract for eBay, iControl, PayPal, and Pebble itself. Over two dozen of our developed apps are showcased and available through Here is a list of several high-profile apps:

  • ebay for Pebble - shop for products on your Pebble watch
  • Pebble PayPal - find local stores based on your location and pay using a QR code or numeric token
  • Fair Weather - a leading weather watch that won first "best of" poll of Pebble apps
  • Maptastic - displays your location on your Pebble using phone GPS
  • Night Sky - stars, constellations, and planets using Pebble compass and tilt
  • Flickery - send black-and-white or color images to your Pebble from your Flickr account

Samsung Galaxy Gear Development

Time Warner wearable app

The Samsung Galaxy Gear platform is based on Tizen, an emerging open-source platform for wearable development. GORGES is developing a Gear 2 watch app with an accompanying Android mobile companion app for iControl and Samsung. Initial customers for this new Gear 2 app include Time Warner, whose customers will be able to control their lights, thermostats, door locks, and other devices using their Gear 2 watches.

Interesting challenges in this app include account security and ability to view images from security cameras on Galaxy Gear smart watches.

Our Wearable Development Process

Do you have a wearable idea or need to extend your web or mobile solution to smart watches? Our proven development process will help you refine your idea, integrate it into your current technology, and make your idea become real.

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Wearable App Case Studies

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