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Web Design & Development

We are web technology specialists

"Despite the shift of press attention to other Internet technologies, the communication power in website technology is advancing even faster than it did in the late nineties."

We expect you have used sites like Amazon®, Google®, Facebook® and other popular online services. GORGES uses web and mobile technologies to create mid-sized, specialized versions of these types of websites, just for your business needs. We also use web and database technology to build business management and information systems that are not public websites, accessible only to your networks, staff, and customers.

In the last year more than 100 active clients shared their goals and needs with us. We developed their websites, databases and online applications, made their goals real, and continued to work closely with them afterwards. We also continue to share with them the exciting and emerging opportunities in web technologies.  Many of our clients work with us for many years, over multiple versions and expansions of their online systems.

User Interface and Graphic Design

Design on ipad

Websites by GORGES are dynamic and interactive. They engage visitors and move them toward client goals. For example, visitors to the Anaren website are most likely looking for specifications about a detailed product type while visitors to Unvelope engage in a more personal mission (looking for just the right greeting card). We build websites that can organize specifications or tug at your emotions. In all cases, to be successful, websites must engage busy people - people from many backgrounds. Our interface expertise and graphic skills make our clients' business and their corresponding websites real.

Business Web Apps

Application in ipad

Internet technology has revolutionized more than the conspicuous web and mobile app technologies. Inexpensive web technology has become the interface to even the world’s largest databases. Now it is about to replace desktop technology altogether. Web versions of editors, tax filing software, and much more are either already real or about to become real.

We stay at the edge of this trend making web interfaces for marketing, for tracking almost anything, for education and training, and for many types of document management, editorial, and registration systems.

These types of web applications may not be visible to the public online, but they are very real to the businesses and organizations that use them all day. From data migration to third-party integrations we use web technologies to economically tame even the most complex projects.


E-commerce on mobile phone

Sell any type of product or service in a way that is easy for you to manage and easy for the customer to use.  We have built both custom online ecommerce solutions and those utilizing open source frameworks such as Open Cart, Uber Cart and Drupal Commerce.   Whether ecommerce is the whole of your business or an extension of a wider business we will work with you to find the right package.

Visit our Portfolio to see a few of our recent ecommerce projects.

Content Management Systems

Drupal and Ruby on Rails

Our team has worked with all of the popular open source CMS frameworks over the years. After weighing all the options, we have decided to narrow our focus to Drupal and Ruby on Rails. Between these two we can accomplish anything and find a solution that our clients can afford.

We build all of our small to medium size websites with Drupal, leveraging the thousands of hours of developer time that the Drupal community provides us. We have developed our own Drupal distro that provides a lot of functionality out of the box and saves our clients time and money. From small startups to large Ivy League departments and international businesses we have been able to provide complex yet easy to use editing power through this CMS.

Ruby on Rails handles the more database heavy applications that we take on. From dense catalogs to workflow management software Rails is our base with angular often as an addition for front end tasks. In some cases, we even meld Drupal and Rails taking advantage of the power of each framework to deliver custom software for an affordable price point.


GORGES hosts most of the websites we create. This is often the most efficient and economical approach, as the same developers and administrators that created the website are responsible for keeping it live on the web 24/7. We provide a full range of secure and reliable hosting solutions on our own servers. 

For many other clients, we use our deep understanding of hosting to help them select specialized or large-scale hosting services. We may then handle the deployment to these services, such as Amazon or Acquia Cloud, and then we remain in place to support their use of these complex hosting services.

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